Dry Eye Disease Diagnosis and Advanced Corneal Topography

EYESPOT is pleased to offer our patients the Antares: the Lumenis state of the art corneal topographer with advanced tear-film analysis featuring NIBUT analysis, MGD lipid layer grading, infrared meibography, pupillography and contact lenses fitting.

Antares Applications

  • Dynamic view of non-invasive break-up time (NTBUT)
  • Advanced tear film analysis
  • Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) analysis
  • including classifications
  • Corneal topography
  • Contact lens fitting with auto fit simulation
  • Blue light for fluorescein images
  • Pupillography
  • Keratoconus screening with classification
  • Corneal wave front analysis

    Dry Eye Advanced Analysis

    Non-invasive tear break up time (NIBUT)

    • Automatic measurement NIBUT
    • Dynamic videokeratoscopy
    • Tear meniscus height
    • Fluoroscopy to measure BUT


    • Analysis of Meibomian glands using a 5-point severity scale
    • Upper and lower intern part of eyelid highlighted by infrared illumination

    Lower lid Meibomian glands highlighted by infrared illumination

    Upper lid Meibomian glands highlighted by infrared illumination

    Antares Training Movie by Dr. Adler from Lumenis on Vimeo.

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