The Doctors at EYESPOT are specialized in the fitting of specialized rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Rigid gas permeable, or hard lenses, allow for unparalleled optics as well as the option for contact lens correction for those who have been previously told the option of contacts for vision correction was not possible.

Your EYESPOT specialty contact lens fitting will begin with corneal mapping technology by the Antares, otherwise known as corneal topography, allowing your doctor to assess the exact size and shape of your cornea with specialized camera and computer analysis. This valuable information will provide your doctor with specific measurements to design contact lenses of ideal vision and comfort as well as assist in diagnosing corneal conditions such as keratoconus and other abnormalities in corneal shape.

After your doctor obtains your exact eye measurements, he or she will consult with the contact lens manufacturer to design your fully customized lens.  Lenses can be designed to correct both near and farsightedness.  If you currently wear progressive or bifocal glasses, or are noticing difficulty with reading, multifocal lenses can even be designed allowing wearers to see distance and near simultaneously without the use of reading glasses. The doctors can design lenses to correct very high amounts of astigmatism as well as an array of corneal abnormalities, including keratoconus. These innovative lenses can provide vision correction for diseased and injured corneas as well as provide relief for those suffering from moderate to severe dry eye syndrome.

An EYESPOT specialized contact lens exam will allow for the design of contact lenses based on your corneal mapping and eye health and unrivaled in visual acuity and comfort. Contact the EYESPOT TEAM to set-up your Specialty Contact Lens Fitting today!!