The Comprehensive Exam


Your EYESPOTCARE experience begins in our modern, sleek and high tech clinical environment.  After a quick check in with our helpful front desk staff, you will be escorted to our pre-testing room where your exam will begin with retinal photography and state-of-the-art high-resolution optical coherence tomography macular scans followed by corneal measurements. Your exam will then continue with one of our outstanding and highly-vetted residency-trained optometrists in the exam room.  After a careful history and detailed questions, our optometrist will precisely determine your new vision correction prescriptions, carefully exam the front of your eye, followed by a careful central and peripheral retinal exam.  All findings will be discussed with you in detail and recommendations made.  In some cases, our consulting ophthamologists will be involved virtually to help create a personalized care plan for you regarding follow up additional diagnostics and treatments.