Contact lenses can be a great alternative to wearing eyeglasses. They can be worn as a primary form of vision correction or part-time for social activities or sports! A professional fitting of contact lenses is necessary in order to maximize vision as well as to ensure the lenses fit appropriately and the eyes remain healthy. EYESPOT partners with the most reputable contact lens manufacturers in the industry to offer you the most premium contact lens options available.  

Your Contact Lens Exam will begin with a corneal measurement by our NIDEK Autorefractor / Keratometer which assists your doctor in finalizing your contact lens power as well as selecting a contact lens base curve that works best for the size and shape of your eye. You will be provided complimentary trials of the lenses recommended by your EYESPOT doctor to ensure the lenses remain comfortable throughout your day! If you're new to contact lenses, a trained technician will assist you in learning how to properly insert, remove and care for your contacts.  Your Contact Lens Consultation also includes 90 days of complimentary follow-up care. The doctors at EYESPOT look forward to discussing your visual goals with contact lenses and finding a lens type that works best for you and your lifestyle.

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