Götti Eye Wear is an independent Swiss-based eye wear designer we have carried since 2011.
“Luxury can be very simple, and need not be expensive. It can also be a discovery at a flea market or an especially nice moment."
Sven Götti

Tradition, perfection and friendship
Fascinating. From a cool and mundane piece of titanium arises a pair of eyeglasses that are, typically for Götti, so delicate, beautifully shaped and, at the same time, robust. They are manufactured in Japan‘s Fukui region. Götti has worked with the same manufacturer for over 20 years. 

Stamps and presses
These are impressive manufacturing steps that are a major departure from previously known production processes. The frame shape is initially stamped out of a massive titanium sheet and then pressed in various elaborate steps with up to 300 tons of weight. Seven individual pressing and stamping tools are produced for each frame model. Whether for the hinge or outer edge, each curvature in the design, no matter how minor, is formed with great precision by the correspondingly produced tool. The titanium, which at the beginning is very soft, is compressed multiple times to achieve the desired stability.

Craftsmanship and technology
A combination of machines and expertise is required. Hardly any fully automated machines are used in the production. This means that the expertise of the eyeglass maker is essential. Many interim steps are still completed very traditionally with hand craftsmanship and great sensitivity.

Götti makes use of the best of both worlds: Craftsmanship and high-tech. There are great advantages to titanium as a material for eyeglass frames: The material is hypoallergenic and super-light. 


Acetate is light, durable and flexible. The world of color that is available is what makes it so exciting. These creative acetate combinations are fabricated exclusively for Götti by a leading manufacturer in Italy.

A total of 200 to 250 steps are needed to complete production of a pair of acetate eyeglasses from Götti.  Only through proper polishing can the desired colors and facets come to light.



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