EYESPOT Collection X - PRIDE EYEWEAR - Coming Soon!

The moment we met Mauro and his charming family, three generations of eye wear designers and craftsmen, at Silmo, the international eye wear exhibition in Paris, we immediately knew we had found our next Collection X brand for EYESPOT!

PRIDE Eyewear was born in Cortina Italy, in the heart of the dolomites, and produce the most exquisitely designed and engraved nylon frames, both featherweight and superbly constructed, exactly what our customers are love!

EYESPOT Collection X: Exclusive • Exotic • Exceptional

As opposed to the soul-less international corporations that mass produce most frames on the market today, PRIDE Eyewear is 100% designed and handcrafted in Italy by one of the most remarkable families in the business.

These frames are not for those looking for boredom.  Instead, they help tell your unique story, with beautiful shapes, exquisite engravings, and unique colors.  This line combines young innovative frames that wonderfully blend style and quality, with outstanding Italian workmanship.


Not surprising to us, PRIDE was awarded the highest honors with the Silmo d’Or – Premiere Class in 2016 in Paris, the V-Award – Silver for the best sunglasses in Hong Kong, and the Design Award 2018 in the Lifestyle and Fashion category in Germany.  Check out these award-winning frame collection for yourself at EYESPOT!




Potential Conflict of Interest Statement:  Dr. Arroyo’s late great-uncle Lino always said that practically every good in the world comes from northern Italy, where our family hails from, like pesto, pizza and (Genoa) jeans.  Well, we are now adding PRIDE to that list!