EYESPOT X Collection

Exclusive • Exotic • Exceptional

EYESPOT is proud to announce its new, avant-garde optical experience- the Pop Up Exhibition! We present "EYESPOT X Collection", an in-store Pop Up Gallery which offers exceptional artisan, eyewear lines hand selected from around the world for a limited engagement. The EYESPOT X Collection is designed to satisfy our fashion-forward customer's demand for handpicked eyewear that exudes an attitude of style and quality. Every piece is a work of art. Every piece tells a story.

Introducing the first EYESPOT X Collection Exhibit: 

Mondelliani eyewear can be found at EYESPOT Chestnut Hill Newton

Mondelliani eyewear can be found at EYESPOT Chestnut Hill Newton  Mondelliani eyewear can be found at EYESPOT Chestnut Hill Newton

Mondelliani- a name in eyewear that reflects culture, good taste and whimsy in every pair. Made in Rome, Italy, from the rich experience of the Mondello family, this refined collection brings a smile to the face of everyone who wears them. 

 Discover the world-renowned craftsmanship that goes into every pair and receive the personalized attention and selection that can't be found anywhere in the region. Light refreshments will be served.

Mondelliani will be featured at EYESPOT for a limited time, so we hope you can come in to find the perfect pair of glasses for your face and personality. We look forward to seeing you in the store soon.

Managing Partner, Melanie Cabral, and David from Mondelliani Eyeglasses 

A special thank you to Eyestylist for their vision, creativity and assistance in the launch of this distinctive shopping experience.