Career Personality Test:

1) Do you like yourself and have a healthy amount of self-confidence?         Yes/No

2)  Are you competitive and want to be the best at what you do?                  Yes/No

3) Are you empathetic and do you "understand" people?                              Yes/No

4) Is it very important for you to work at a job you LOVE?                              Yes/No

5) Do you LOVE everything that has to do with fashion & style?                     Yes/No 

If you answered YES to all of the questions above and are not completely satisfied with your current job, please email our optical manager Melanie Cabral at with your resume today!

If you did not answer YES to these questions, then please consider forwarding this link to someone you know who you think would answer YES to all of the questions above and is not completely satisfied with their current job.


the EYESPOT team


EYESPOT Managing Optician Melanie Cabral