We love everything about Blackfin Titanium Eyewear!  They are a top independent Italian Eye Wear Brand.
Blackfin, a distillate of technology, volume and design in only 9,5 grams. A frame with strong personality and design, yet so light that it is practically imperceptible.
Each pair of glasses is designed and manufactured with great precision, in order to guarantee an ergonomically excellent design and to maximize the peculiarities of titanium. 
The Blackfin frames are made from an extremely thin sheet of Beta Titanium which permits an unmistakable comfort deriving from the flexibility and the adaptability of the frames to the face.
Made following 53 production steps: the expression of an industrial, but still artisan working method.
The “Made In Italy” is not just a geographical area, it is much more. It is a brand associated with universally recognized values such as elegance, style and research: concepts that identify Blackfin all over the world.
Characterized by exceptional ergonomics and a cutting edge design.
Blackfin eyewear is designed for those who want to see the world from a new point of view and continue to look ahead. Always.
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