Personalized Eye Exams For Every Patient

Your EYESPOT care experience begins in our modern, high-tech clinical environment. After a quick check in with our helpful front desk staff, your exam will begin with one of our outstanding and highly-vetted residency-trained optometrists. We will review your history, examine your eye, determine prognosis,and our optometrist will precisely determine your new vision correction prescriptions.  All findings will be discussed with you in detail and recommendations made.

Common Eye Issues We Treat

Viral ConjunctivitisCorneal Foreign BodiesHypertensive RetinopathyVitreomacular Traction
Allergic Conjunctivitis Corneal Abrasions GlaucomaMacular Drusen
Eyelid StyesCorneal InfectionsCentral Serous Chorioretinopathy Retinal Tears
Misdirected Eye LashesCataractsMacular DegenerationRetinal Detachments
PterygiumDiabetic RetinopathyEpiretinal Membranes Dry Eyes

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The Latest In Eye Care Technology

Contact Lens Exams

The Doctors at EYESPOT are specialized in the fitting of specialized rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Rigid gas permeable, or hard lenses, allow for unparalleled optics as well as the option for contact lens correction for those who have been previously told the option of contacts for vision correction was not possible.
  • Can correct near or farsightedness
  • Can be multi-focal
  • Can correct Astigmatism
  • Can provide relief of Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Can be used to correct injured or diseased corneas

So How Clearly Do You Want to See?