Winter Eyewear Trends

December 14, 2016


Winter Eyewear Trends for 2016-2017 (Sara Rogerson)

Looking for the perfect Holiday gift? Get that special someone a fun new pair of specs or sunglasses! Then look no further than Eyespot to find the latest eyewear trends.

In Sunglasses:

  1. Oversized: This Jackie O style is here to stay.
  2. Funky Aviator: aviators are a staple that have been popular for a while now, though designers are kicking it up a notch with variations on the classic style.
  3. Round lens cat-eye: Feminine and intriguing, this look harkens back to the 80s with an updated take on a retro look.


 In glasses:

  1. Clubmaster/ Browline: Chic yet professional, this look is a classic that is both practical and fashionable.


  1. Round: This retro silhouette is a good way to change up your look in a noticeable but not over-the-top way.


  1. Cat-eye: The trend that is back with a vengeance manages to be serious and sexy simultaneously


Color Trends:

Check out any of the above styles in tortoise shell, two-tone, or metallics to keep your look fresh and up-to-date

 What Glasses Fit my Face Shape? (Sara Rogerson)


The general rule: You want to pick a frame shape that contrasts with the shape of your face. If you have angular features, you might want to try softer shapes. If you have a rounder face, angular frames can lend you some definition.


Breakdown by shape:


HEART: Broader forehead, narrow jawline, more pointed chin

Do: Shapes that make your face appear less top heavy, such as aviator or rimless styles. Frames that are heavier on the bottom also work, such as thick square or round frames

Avoid: drawing attention to forehead with embellished tops or decorative temples


SQUARE: Strong square jaw, face equally broad at forehead and jawline.

Do: Round and oval shapes tend to soften out an angular face

Avoid: Boxy shapes. Though rectangular is very popular, it is easy to pull off on a square face with a thinner metal frame. It’s a versatile shape that can look good on anybody, so don’t limit yourself!


ROUND: Equal length and width, but softer angles with full cheeks


Do: Angular and rectangular shapes will add length, such as wayfarer or square frames. You want to go wider than the face, which can have slimming effect

Avoid: Rounder shapes and rimless frames. If you are in love with some round frames, avoid very small ones. Bigger shapes in general work better for round faces.


OVAL: Most common, fairly versatile. Chin slightly narrower than forehead, balanced proportions, high cheekbones

Do: Pretty much any shape can work, but thicker and darker on the top or a butterfly style look great, as well as a prominent bridge or cat-eye shape

Avoid: Oversized glasses can throw off the symmetry of the oval face, however thinner frames can make it work.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: Pick out frames that YOU like and wear them confidently! Be sure to visit us at Eyespot so our experts can help you choose the perfect frames for you. You can also peruse our online store and check out some of the curated styles we offer.  



 Sara Rogerson is a master’s student at Boston University and hopeful future physician...


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